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Already have a web site? What can you do to improve it? And what can you do to increase the conversions (i.e. the percentage of visitors that you can “convert” into customers)?

We offer assistance and targeted advice to optimize existing sites even though, from a technological point of view, often the best solution is to rebuild the site from scratch.

Making the appropriate changes can lead to a significant improvement: you can make your site more attractive and user-friendly by removing unnecessary elements that distract visitors.

A clean design makes it easier to find information and makes your services more desirable.

Customers will tend to stay longer on your pages rather than on those of your competitors. We can help you achieve these benefits thanks to our keen eye on choice of colors and how the various elements are arranged on the web pages.

The elements, page-setting, colors and layout help you to convey precise messages and therefore must be chosen carefully. Your site should inspire confidence and be a tangible sign of your reliability.

We give a lot of importance to page structuring, the menu’s positioning and titles selection. We place the most relevant content in the primary position, eliminating the distractions that can affect your conversion goals.

Our design is optimized by taking advantage of modern eye-tracking technologies: we analyze eye movement on the page’s various elements, in order to understand which areas attract user attention the most.

In order to create an effective web site, a careful design, specific programming, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Usability skills are required. By taking care of these aspects and improving the design of your web pages you’ll be able to increase revenues in your sector.

Still have some doubts? Or perhaps you think your site is already perfect?